In 1998 I purchased the Lac Seul Scout Lake Resort and McKenzie Bay Outpost from my parents who decided to retire after owning and operating the Resort and Outpost since 1984. I was born in the North & grew up in Dryden, Ontario. I always had the opportunity to go fishing with my parents on weekends & would go every chance I got. I started working for them when I was in my teen years & really fell in love with the outdoors. Fishing and hunting became a passion that I wanted to pursue & what better way but to take over the Resort from my parents.

In 2000 I married my Husband Kevin Walsten who is a 3rd generation Outfitter/Pilot & we now operate & own three different fishing/hunting establishments (Lac Seul’s Scout Lake Resort & McKenzie Bay Outpost, Confederation Lake Outposts and Walsten Outposts.)

I look forward to having you stay at one of our establishments & experience the wonderful fishing/hunting that Canada has to offer.

“We Believe in Catch & Release for future Generation to enjoy just Like we Have”
Lizzy Walsten